Monday, March 20, 2006

book titles

One of the hazards of my job is that I often think of how to market something before I think how that "something" will be created.

The last few days I have been thinking a lot about my imaginary book. Or, more accruately, I have been thinking about the title:

"we were perfect then"

Now, that I have put it out into the universe, maybe I can start thinking about getting back to my notes.

spring has sprung

It is the first day of spring and it is beautiful! So, pack up the Walatrin and head outside.

Ten things to do this spring (before the rain starts again):

1 - Fly a kite in Gasworks Park
2- Go for a bike ride on the Burke Gillman
3 - Hike Tiger Mountain
4 - Take a drive to see the Tulips
5 - Read a book outside on the porch
6 - Buy flowers at the farmer's market
7 - Rollerblade around Greenlake
8 - Have lunch at an outside cafe
9 - Go to the Zoo
10 - Open all the windows and let the fresh scent of Jasmin and Honeysuckle spill through the house.