Tuesday, December 04, 2007

the simple life ...

For the past year Dave and I have shared one car. The switch from both of us driving our own vehicles to my parking my car in the driveway and always taking his happened quite literally overnight.

Last year, about this time, Seattle had a horrible wind storm and I found myself rushing to make it across the bridge before the DOT determined that crossing the bridge with 50+MPH winds was a bad idea. Miata + Floating Bridge + High Winds = white knuckles. The next morning we awoke to snow. The fate of the Miata was sealed, it would stay in the driveway for then next 11 months while I slowly came to the conclusion that perhaps my days of driving a convertible were numbered.

As I mulled over the idea of giving up my car persona, Dave too was thinking of life with something different then his Subaru. The conclusion to both our issues was simple. We would become a real one car family once and for all.

You'd think that since we were already driving one vehicle that the giving up two cars would be easy. Yes and No. I think the idea of not having a second car available is much more stressful that the reality of what this means to our daily lives. After all, we are in walking distance to shopping, we both have bus passes (although I don't yet know how to ride the bus), and we are getting hooked up with the Flex Car program. But, still it is a bit of a mental adjustment.

Week one has definitely had its pluses and minuses.

Plus - I was sans car on Saturday which was fantastic! I knew I wanted to go to an art sale. I also knew that to do this I would have to walk or take the bus. So I bundled up in hat and gloves and set out with my trusty map (don't laugh.) The great thing about walking is that you get to see (and stop by) all sorts of great shops that you would normally speed past. The other great thing is that since you are walking you can't carry home the fantastic (albeit expensive) 6ft tall metal lamp that you fell in love with.

Minus - Last night was a bit of a puzzle as I had an appointment and Dave had a friend in town. After some wrangling we decided that Dave would drop me off and he and Mick would go to dinner and then I would meet up with them when I was done. Unfortunately our new car also has this very cool smart card feature which means that Dave was able to drive away and not know that he didn't actually have any keys until after he had parked the car. Fortunately, I was not far away so I was able to meet up with them and wave my magic card over the car so that we could get home.

And so it begins, the simple life. With one week under my belt I am looking forward to learning how to take the bus and more opportunities to walk my city. This may be the begining of something really great. I'll let you know.