Thursday, October 06, 2005

what is in a name?

this is my new business card ...
I also just received a fresh box of new business cards for my "real" job but they aren't nearly cool enough to post.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

day one ... skating through memories

When I was a kid my family and I would often drive up north to Medford and spend a Sunday afternoon at Skate World! This magical place, complete with disco balls and strobe lights, would offer us hours of fun as we skated around in circles to the music of Men at Work or Men Without Hats – I can never remember the name of that band …

On occasion we would visit the armory in Yreka (a town much closer to mine) to skate in what I imagine was once a hanger. Unfortunately, the seams in the concrete floor made the skating process difficult and about as rewarding as skating on the sidewalks back home.

I tell you this because, while I have not skated since skate wheels were aligned horizontally instead of vertically, I am now the proud owner of rollerblades!!! As I tried the skates on in my office, nearly falling on the floor as my feet moved one way and my chair the other, I realized that much has changed in the skating world. Not only do my new skates feel more like ski boots then tennis shoes (I used to have a great pair of skates that actually looked like tennis shoes – too cool), but along with the skates I am now expected to wear all of this other protective gear – helmets, wrist pads, elbow pads, knee pads etc… Given that I am much older now, I suppose that all of this extra protection is a good thing. It just seems that it takes some of the fun out of the experience if I am constantly reminded that this activity might be hazardous to my health.

Unfortunately, my new skates come just as the weather has started to turn cold and wet. Perhaps, I will be able to encourage my friends to join me for an afternoon at an old fashion rink…. Anyone up for Skate King?

BTW – it should be said that I purchased the skates, practically new, from another person who had fantastic memories of skating. Hopefully, I will not be passing them off to yet another dreamer anytime soon.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

365 days ...

365 days have passed since I began my “living life as an adventure” experiment. This morning as I awoke I had an true sense of accomplishment and confidence in reflecting back on a year where I did not let the fear of the unknown dictate the decisions I made in my life.

Much has been written in self-help books, and the like, on managing life changes. I’ve read more of these books then I like to admit and for me they all added up to a bunch of hooey. I spent most of my life trying to live five years ahead – plan – plan – plan. Unfortunately, I forgot to inform the rest of the world on my plan and life in its infinite wisdom took me on a different ride. I’d love to say that I decided one day to live life in the moment but the truth is that I was thrown into the moment and, unable to figure out how to recover a five year plan which had come apart at the seams, I reluctantly decided to follow life’s path instead.

Life as it turns out is a much better planner than I. In the last year, I have had experiences and taken on challenges which in the past would have died in the conversation phase. I have embraced old friendships and opened myself up for new relationships all of which have created a richness in my life I could never hope to repay. I am lucky! Life has given me the opportunity to take each day as it comes and appreciate the moments, be they good or bad, as a chance to be a part of the experience.

So, while this may sound a little schmaltzy, for the next 365 days I pledge to continue to approach life with an open mind and seek out opportunities which will challenge my fears. I will repay the love and support I have been given, to people I already know and those who will cross my path in the days to come. And, I will not let a moment pass without being thankful for the experience.