Thursday, July 14, 2005


Yippee - I've been linked! Thanks Dave I feel honored!

no more gum ...

20 years ago this summer I had my braces removed! I remember the feeling of my newly freed teeth and how relieved I was to be over with that part of my life. I truly believed that once my braces were removed my life would be perfect ... and it has been pretty good!

Speed forward. Today I sat in a dentist chair and had braces put back on my teeth. Apparently, a few of the techniques and procedures used in the dark ages of orthodontics were not the great ideas we thought the were.

It's not all bad. This time around there is a lot less pain, and my vanity is also being supported by my checkbook which means - goodbye wires, hello plastic!

o ha la! I guess no more gum for awhile!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

sleeping outside in a bag as a kid ….

it seems like the best thing that I ever did....

Growing up one of my favorite summer activities was sleeping outside with my best friend. Looking back, I am not sure how often this adventure took place but I do remember with great clarity the way the air smelled like freshly cut hay and thunderstorms, the way the sky lit up with more stars than can be seen in every city in the world combined, and the silence of a small town at night.

When I went away to college, my friend and I spent our first night sleeping outside. Although most people would qualify my college town as being a small town, I remember the noise from the traffic, the sounds of the neighbors, and the buzz of the street lights as being deafening. Unfortunately, I think that was the last time I slept outside. While I have frequently considered pulling out the blankets and pillows onto the deck on a warm summer night – it just doesn’t seem to hold the same magic.

Last night I spoke with my niece on the phone. She too is growing up in a small town and enjoying all of the freedoms of summer. As we talked about my upcoming visit, she shared her excitement in having a “camp out” in the backyard – maybe even a sleep over. I think I’ll join her under the stars. We’ll head to our “camp” about 9pm, tell stories until 10 and then around 11:30 I am guessing it will be time to head inside, just like when I was a kid.
I can’t wait !