Monday, October 08, 2007

a year of planning and transition ...

Last week I celebrated another birthday. The last couple of years I have tried to document the big events and capture them in a blog post that would sum up a life lesson. This year, I started to write and nothing. I started again, nothing. I decided that clearly I hadn't done anything during the past year. Over dinner, I shared with Dave how I have become the human equivalent of a slug. Dave gently reminded me that this was the year of planning and transition.

So, here is my year in summation.

October - April: Planning for the most incredibly wonderful experience of my life thus far. - Marrying Dave.
April - October: Transitioning away from the job that in many ways had defined who I am as an adult.

The lessons I learned this year are more difficult to capture then simply saying I tried something new. And to be totally honest, I haven't completely come to terms what what that lesson is. I think that I am still transforming and it may be awhile down the road before I understand how I have changed as a result of this year. What I do know is that I am exceptionally fortunate. This has been the year of love and friendship and understanding truly what is really important to me. A funny thing happens when you come to a fork in the road. Sometimes, you get to make a choice that will determine the rest of your life.

So here's to another new year.