Friday, July 30, 2010

dream cabin - table

Someday we will have a cabin. Someday this cabin will need to be decorated. In the meantime, I've decided to start my own catalog of things I'd like to consider for the cabin once someday turns into today.

Exhibit #1 - Bird Table
I love the structure of the steel and the wimsy of the bird.

where are you going and where have you been ...

Soon after returning from Greece in 2008 Dave and I began our quest to add to our family. Max was born in January of this year and is amazing in every which way.

For the last two years I have let my blog go dormant as we worked on starting our family. It is hard to remember the challenges we went through on our road to parenthood but at the time it was all encompassing.

Communication has changed dramatically in the past two years. Facebook and Twitter are now a major part of my day and I am practically glued to my iphone and photo apps. But, there is still something fun about posting longer notes and capturing a collection of ideas in one place. So today I am restarting my life without translation. It won't be a baby blog, although I am sure Max will show up from time to time and it won't be a cooking blog, although I can make a mean mashed banana and apple mush. This is just life, no need for translation into anything more.