Tuesday, October 04, 2005

365 days ...

365 days have passed since I began my “living life as an adventure” experiment. This morning as I awoke I had an true sense of accomplishment and confidence in reflecting back on a year where I did not let the fear of the unknown dictate the decisions I made in my life.

Much has been written in self-help books, and the like, on managing life changes. I’ve read more of these books then I like to admit and for me they all added up to a bunch of hooey. I spent most of my life trying to live five years ahead – plan – plan – plan. Unfortunately, I forgot to inform the rest of the world on my plan and life in its infinite wisdom took me on a different ride. I’d love to say that I decided one day to live life in the moment but the truth is that I was thrown into the moment and, unable to figure out how to recover a five year plan which had come apart at the seams, I reluctantly decided to follow life’s path instead.

Life as it turns out is a much better planner than I. In the last year, I have had experiences and taken on challenges which in the past would have died in the conversation phase. I have embraced old friendships and opened myself up for new relationships all of which have created a richness in my life I could never hope to repay. I am lucky! Life has given me the opportunity to take each day as it comes and appreciate the moments, be they good or bad, as a chance to be a part of the experience.

So, while this may sound a little schmaltzy, for the next 365 days I pledge to continue to approach life with an open mind and seek out opportunities which will challenge my fears. I will repay the love and support I have been given, to people I already know and those who will cross my path in the days to come. And, I will not let a moment pass without being thankful for the experience.

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