Thursday, July 28, 2005

happy anniversary!

One year ago today I decided to get serious about my health and make some much needed changes in my diet and exercise (or lack thereof). Results? I am now 30 lbs lighter and more physically fit then I have probably ever been in my life.

The decision came while I was eating a bowl of pasta - a very very big bowl of pasta. I had just moved out on my own for the first time and was feeling stressed from the changes. On top of that, I had never really been in a position where what I ate was completely dependent upon the decisions I was making. My eating had always been somewhat influenced by roommates or other people in my life. (That may be just an excuse that I gave myself to not have to take responsibility for the weight and the poor choices I was making.) Anyhow, the first couple of weeks on my own I ate one thing - PASTA - and lots of it. Actually, come to think of it I ate two things - pasta and ICE CREAM. After finishing my pasta, I would drive the block and a half to the corner store for one of those "little" containers of Ben & Jerry's which I would proceed to finish off as soon as I got home. If I was being "good" that day I would only eat half of the container and save the rest for the next day. The thing was that because I was feeling like so much of my life was out of control, the fact that my eating was out of control did not register. Just prior to the night on the couch with the bowl of pasta, I had attended a reunion of old co-workers. Dressed all in black I thought I looked great! Unfortunately, the pictures told a different story. Photos of me dancing through the restaurant with the waiter (a different story) revealed that my belly was hanging outside my shirt and over my pants. Uck. While having a belly is not a bad thing, I am a firm believer that despite fashion, it is not a good idea to expose your belly if your belly rolls on its own. So, a week or so later I am sitting on my couch with a salad bowl of pasta (not the single serving salad bowls, the big ones in which you make the salad) eating away and feeling this pain growing in my stomach as I stretch it out to maximum capacity, when it occurs to me - what am I doing?

It is now 12 months later. I no longer eat pasta or bread and ice cream has, for the most part, become a fond memory. I know where the produce aisle is in the grocery store and while most of the time I still walk quickly through without stopping, occasionally I will pick up some fruits and vegetables. I enjoy walking and actually seek opportunities to be active, especially when I am stressed. And, my drivers license shows the correct weight for the first time ever.

The most important thing that I have learned is that life is about choices. This is my one life to spend. I can choose who I am going to be and how I am going to approach each aspect of life. .

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Anandi said...

Oooh, good for you! I think your post was the kick in the butt I needed. For me, it's eating out. Sometimes 5-8 meals a week.

So what else did you do - did you start working out a lot? Just stopped eating bread and pasta and ice cream?