Thursday, August 11, 2005

brain freeze

The interviewer sat back in her chair and fired the next question:

“Name two consumer electronics products which have launched in the last three months…” “ummm, let me see here, last three months, hmmm” I tried to delay as I began to feel the panic build – “*&@!” I thought – I should know this…. “Ummm, well there was the….” quick think, think, think, what is hot – Satellite Radio? , no that has been out awhile – “There’s the IPOD SHUFFLE!!!! You wear it around your neck – very very cool!” I blurt out my answer with enthusiasm and then clarify that it wasn’t launched within the time frame but it was a consumer electronic product. Yea! I had done it! - The interviewer stared back in bored anticipation.

“Oh, you wanted two?” “Let’s see there was also the …” “ hmmmm…” “Does it have to be outside of the video game industry,” I asked. “No” she responds. Cool, I think. I should be able to name Video Games that have launched in the last three months. “Let me see… video game product… video game product…” Pictures of Halo 2 flash through my mind … stupid Halo 2 how can that be the only game I remember at a critical moment like this. “Well…” My mind races through visuals of the stores I have visited recently –what did I see??? – DOH! “PSP!!!!” Again, not launched in the last three months but close enough. Crisis adverted.

She smiled politely “I didn’t think you were going to pull that one out…” Yea, I thought. Thank God it wasn’t three.

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