Friday, August 19, 2005

training otis...

I have a new dog ... his name is Otis and he is a husky ... he loves to play fetch with the frisbee ... has a tendency to eat trash when we go out on walks ... and can do a few tricks. The problem is that Otis is not a real dog ... Otis is a Nintendog and he is consuming my life!

Our relationship started a couple of nights ago when I mistakenly removed Otis from his box and plugged him into my Nintendo DS. Now he is demanding my time 24/7. He needs to be walked, fed, bathed. We have frisbee contests to attend to and dog parks to visit. And today, I found myself wandering the halls so that Otis could meet dogs on the other side of the office. - It should probably be noted that I don't go to the other side of the office to meet people.

Just now, someone came to my office to see how the training of Otis is going. Apparently, they can hear me command "Sit Otis! Sit" from some distance down the halls.

I've recognized that my grasp on reality has been steadily slipping over the years but, I think this might just put me over the edge. I may become a high-tech hermit with only Otis, Roomba and my Robotron to keep me company. If only they could all use the same power cord.

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Anandi said...

I'm ready to dogsit!