Thursday, October 27, 2005

boo ...

Today is the day in which all of the kids come to the office dressed in their Halloween costumes! Not only is it a great excuse to get out of work early, I love seeing every ghost, goblin and princess as they parade through the halls. For the first time in many many years, I too have a costume for Halloween. I think that it might be my first store bought costume ever.

Growing up Halloween was a "BIG" holiday which required months of planning. First there was the giant pumpkin which my grandfather would nurture in his garden and the haul up to our house to be carved. Then there were the parties, usually one or two for my parents and a carnival or haunted house for my sister and me. Finally there were the costumes!!!!! My mom would sew lavish costumes with my dad often helping with the artistic touches to the masks, heads etc... The year I went as French Fries, the costume had to be modified so that I could still play the flute in the elementary schools marching band. Never traditional, even as my friends were dressed as cheerleaders or the occasional witch, I had something different. The devil costume still remains one of my favorite. The skirt was fire red with enough red tulle beneath so that it floated as I walked. The tail did not hang limp behind me, but stood with attitude straight up in the air.

As I got older I scoffed at the idea of the big costumes, passing on the opportunity to dress as a giant Donald Duck and instead going as a punk (complete with the dog collar and blue Mohawk hair.)

This year when I found out that Halloween would again be an opportunity to dress up I called my mom for ideas. She quickly suggested a giant pumpkin with the pi sign printed on the front: Pumpkin Pie. I again passed on the idea of the big costume, feeling somewhat intimidated by the idea of dressing as a giant squash in front of people whom I don't yet know. So instead, I made my way to various stores and purchased elements which I hope will come together as a cute albeit not clever costume.

I have to admit, as I sit here watching the kids pass, I am dying to go to the car and grab my own costume and join in the parade. Too bad this year's costume is not work friendly. Maybe next year I can go as the pumpkin and partake in the kids fun as well.

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