Friday, February 24, 2006

your name is not Jack!

Ok - this is the last post for the day ....

I understand the rationale for sending call centers overseas. I have no problem with this service and am happy to talk to whomever is able to take my call.

BUT .... when you use a name that is not your name and, when you hesitate in giving your name because you can't remember the name you are using for the day it starts to destroy my trust in the conversation I am having with you and more specifically my trust in the company you represent.

I don't care what your name is ... but let's both be honest here. Your name is not Jack!

Whoever came up with this idea of changing the names to better appeal to an American consumer should be fired. This is a bad idea that does nothing to hide the fact that these jobs are being sent out of the country and at the same time puts into question the honesty and intergrity of the organization.

Ok , I am off my soap box at least until I have to call the soap box customer service line and talk with Bob.

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Anonymous said...

This is clearly from a Blogger who never worked in the customer service industry. When you are making just enough for rent and a bag a weed, the last thing you want to tell a caller is your name. No accountablity... that's the motto of the Pay check to pay check work force. Why should I give you my actual name if it might come back and bite me in the ass? You're lucky if I gave you the right information or transferred your call to the right extention. And the 90minutes you waited on hold, that was me too.