Wednesday, May 31, 2006

1000 other places and Chinese food...

In searching the web for a unique solution for leftover Chinese food I landed on the web site 43 things. Here you can log on and post your goals. The fun (or strange) hook is that 43 things will and then match your goal with the other goals in the data base and give you comparisons. So say someone has a goal of not reheating Chinese food in the microwave. Other people with the same goal might also have the goal of experiencing an earthquake. (I'm not sure what the connection is there.)

Anyhow, in another area on the site there is a compilation on the destinations the "43 things" users want to visit ....

The world wants to go to...Broadway Musée Rodin Dildo International Spy Museum Vanuatu Bahia Abruzzo New York City Machu Picchu Blarney Castle Funkytown Calabria NY Chocolate Show Puerto Vallarta Bratislava Camiguin Rome Beverly Hills Galliano Island Elephant Kingdom Brussels Rwanda Gobi Desert Juneau Brisbane Carmel München

I think I might need to add Funkytown to my list of 1000 places.

Unfortunately, I still have no unique solution on how to resolve the issue of the leftover Chinese food.

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