Wednesday, March 21, 2007

life's a beach - revisited ...

Two years ago, Dave and I re-met over pink drinks at a little bar in Maui called Life's a Beach! This fabulous night led to 730 additional, and ever increasingly wonderful, days and nights. Even though we are now in the midst of planning our wedding, we still wanted to take time to celebrate our meeting. So last night after dinner we went to Hawaiian bar in Seattle and settled into the tiki decor to enjoy a pink drink.

Sure it was raining outside, and the bar was empty, but as I sat on the stool next to Dave and we began talking about our future, our lives today, our interest, and our passion for one another, I had a flash back to that first night in Hawaii and how excited I was to be sitting with this wonderful, funny, handsome, entertaining, and intelligent man. I like to think that I am grateful everyday for the life I have and for being able to share this life with a wonderful companion. But sometimes you need to go back to the beach to really realize how lucky you truly are.

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