Friday, July 27, 2007

never say goodbye - Etna High - ...

so, I did not go to my class reunion.
And I am amazed to say I don't recognize most of these people.
It would make for an interesting game show. "Name that Classmate."
If they all got older, does that mean that I am older too?

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Anonymous said...

Here's some help:
Top: ?, Diane, Clay,?, Dave, Joe, Jeff, ?,
Tony, Brian, ?, Marty, Cathy, Katie, ?, Tim, ?,
Leslie, Julie, Jalinda, John, Colleen, Ginger, Bethany, ?, ?(Berry), Roy,
Gary, Jennifer, Steve, ?, John, Wendy,
Wade, Shawn(?), Eric

I think Eric is the most changed! I didn't see Frankie in the picture.