Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pobre Tomate

At the beginning of the summer Dave and I entered into the "Great Tomato Showdown" with our friends Brad and Lynette. Now, with the summer coming to an end, our tomato plants are taller than I am and dripping with mostly unripened fruit - Fried Green Tomatoes anyone?

The cherry tomatoes were the first to turn red and we guarded each fruit as if it were a rare treasure. In fact, we took the first tomato over to our friends house and carefully carved it into 4 quarters so we could each taste the first tomato of the season. But now... I am beginning to sense that I will soon be drowning in ripe tomatoes. So, while Dave was away I decided to experiment with the first crop and roasted a batch for use later in pasta's, saladas, etc... After three hours cooking in a slow oven the smell of tomatoes permiated through the entire house. The result was a sweet carmalized tomato with just a bit of chew to it. Yum.

I shared the news of our burggeoning crop with Brad and Lynette and they shared that they have moved onto cucumbers instead. I guess that is the end of the "Great Tomoato Showdown." Poor Poor Tomato, you've been upstaged by the cucumber again.

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Anandi said...

I will happily take some tomatoes off your hands if you have extra :) How have you guys been? Ready to go to Canlis yet?