Wednesday, June 15, 2005

eye of the tigre (tiger)

A few months ago Starbucks introduced a new ad campaign in which the band Survivor is pulled through town on a platform while coaxing an innocent consumer into buying a Frapaccino by singing to him a personalized version of Eye of the Tiger - Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom ... Last week I again encountered a bastardized version of this 80s classic while attending a rock concert in Mexico City. The music was the same, but the lyrics had been drastically changed. The idea started as a one-time spoof with the band Moderatto using the music from the 80s with new lyrics that poked fun at 80s rock. After a few shows the audience loved the music so much that it has now become a full-on rock experience with sold out shows throughout Mexico. As I stood among the 3000 screaming fans I felt lost in a situation where everything seemed familiar but was very very different.

Last night it happened again – this feeling that what I thought I knew was no longer reality. While channel surfing I came across a new show "hit me baby one more time." Much to my dismay there on the screen was Tommy Tutone singing 867-5309. But instead of being the slightly geeky lead singer with curly hair that I remembered, there was this old very geeky guy who was gray and balding. As he sang "Jenny I got your number" my immediate reaction was "yuk" why is this dirty old man calling Jenny. I am sure Jenny is relieved we now have Caller Id.

I still love the music of the 80s – it's fun and as Dick Clark would say “you can dance to it.” But seeing these old rockers in commercials and cheesy reality shows is like seeing Fat Elvis transformed onto velvet … not a good look my friends – not a good look.


Dave Bacon said...

Remind me again who Dick Clark is?

Lisa said...

very funny ... he's that old guy that only comes out on New Year's Eve.

Anonymous said...

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