Friday, June 17, 2005

clean sweep

Last night I went to play trivia with a friend at a local bar. This was our second attempt at becoming trivia champions and despite his exceptional knowledge of science and my equally impressive grasp of TV sitcoms, we came in second to last – again. The sticking point seems to be in the area of sports trivia. For example, in what year was the World Series cancelled due to a players strike? Hint, it was in the 90s….

My dad loves sports. Unfortunately, as a child I did not and would constantly complain whenever he would try to sit down and watch a game on the TV. “I bought this TV for … (insert major sporting event here)” he would say as I reached out to change the channel.

By the time I was 6 or 7 my dad had determined that the only way he would be able to watch a game in peace was to get me involved in the game. So, he introduced me to the great tradition of betting on sports. The bet was always the same. I would choose which team I thought would win the World Series. If my team won, my dad would clean my room. If my team lost, I would have to clean my room and keep it clean for a month. All of a sudden baseball held meaning.

To this day, as baseball season gets into full gear, I start thinking about who will win and how nice it would be to have my dad in my room, picking up my toys and putting everything back in order.

My mom and dad are planning on paying a visit next week and for his Father’s Day gift we will be going to a Mariners game on Tuesday. My dad will make sure he has his score card and a sharp pencil. I will make sure we are at the game at least a half an hour early so that we can see the first pitch. And, just to make it interesting, we will bet. I’ll take the Mariners – and Dad, if I win the vacuum is in the hall closet. Happy Father’s Day.

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