Thursday, June 23, 2005

you’re boring me …

Last week I went to see Mike Daisey’s new monologue – The Ugly American. His earlier work recalling his experiences at Amazon was hilarious and made me both relieved I had not jumped onto the bandwagon and at the same time disappointed I had missed out on the experience that will probably define my generation.

I love the way that Daisey is able to weave his life into such a vibrant story. It is not that his experiences are overtly unique, it is that he has taken the time to recognize the absurdity of the moment.

I relish the absurdity of the moment. It is the precise recognition we are not in control that opens the door to so many of life’s great experiences. Unfortunately, while I can often recognize the moment, putting it into words which will be both entertaining and enlightening to someone else is a skill which I have not yet honed.

Thus, my challenge with keeping up a blog…

There have been so many absurd moments this week that finding one to comment on has been almost impossible. Each time I start I am overcome with a dozen equally absurd recollections vying for my attention.

So… rather then choose one, here is my list of topics to consider:

  • naked bike riders in formation – (as opposed to naked bike riders information which is a different category covered I am sure by the Freemont Solstice Parade Association’s website.)
  • seattle mist - if you have to turn on the windshield wipers, should you put the roof up on the convertible?
  • they can’t hear you and I don’t want to – sitting with the fans
  • reality writers – if it is “reality” can it truly be written
  • an egg can stand on its end any day of the year – it just chooses not to
  • and my favorite …“you’re boring me”

Here is the bike riders in formation - let's hope the Shriners stick with their Fez!

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