Thursday, September 08, 2005

do you not understand EXTREME?

I took my first Extreme Body Makeover class today. Somehow when I signed up for the class the word EXTREME in the title did not register. About the ninth flight of stairs I started to question exactly what I was doing a) getting out of my nice cozy bed this morning and b) paying someone to yell at me to climb more and more stairs. The worst part of the experience was the jump roping. Panic swept over me the minute I saw the instructor bring out the ropes. I haven’t jumped rope since I was in second grade and there is reason. For hours after school I was tutored on the fine art of being able to jump into a moving rope in order that I would be able to play with the other kids. I never mastered this skill. Usually the rope would hit me in the head or cause me to topple to the ground. The jump rope songs still sing mockingly in my nightmares. By third grade the trend had moved to Chinese Jump Rope which was more to my liking – no ropes swinging for my head.

I like to think I have matured (some) since those awful days on the playground. So, this morning I picked up the rope and did my best to imitate Rocky Balboa. Unfortunately, I think the rope hit my head more times then it actually swung around and while I did not fall, I certianly did not perform with grace.

Needless to say, this is not the class that is going to get me excited about working out in the morning. But, if it makes it so that I can hike and ski this winter without feeling like an old lady, well then, I guess I am in for an Extreme body makeover experience!

btw – I get my body fat measured on Tuesday - now that sounds like fun.

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