Friday, September 16, 2005

4 weeks to a comfortable sofa ...

When I moved into my place I decided to see if it is possible to furnish an entire home with items found on the internet. The early results were very positive. Not only was I able to purchase everything (from pots and pans all the way to living room furniture) off of the internet, but everything was delivered set up and looked great within 4 weeks of my pressing the enter button. And, the entire shopping experience took no more then 90 minutes to complete. (For anyone who has ever been furniture, bedding, kitchen, etc... shopping 90 minutes is a world record.)

Unfortunately, over the past year there has been one purchase regret or as some would say "sore spot". The sofa, while looking fabulous, is not actually conducive to sitting. The problem is that while most sofas have a seat that tilts toward the back, mine tilts toward the front which results in my guests being slowly propelled off of the sofa and onto the living room floor. As for lying on the couch – don’t even think about it.

I’ve known this was an area that needed to be rectified. I’ve gone to furniture stores and sat on countless sofas. I’ve even considered purchasing big bean bags. Nothing seemed like a good replacement for the sofa which aesthetically looks so good but, which is such a pain in the butt.

A couple of weeks ago while driving to work I managed to spill a huge bottle of water all over the passenger side. As I reached into the console to pull out some napkins, to sop up the mess, out popped an article I had clipped a year ago about the Seat Bingo! Another internet sofa is on the way!

This one tilts toward the back is covered in a beautiful plush fabric (instead of the ultra-suede I chose last time) and I sprung for the “down-filled" cushions. The fact that it has cushions instead of the padded bench of the current sofa is a plus, I figured “down-filled” should put me over the edge in terms of comfort.

So, here it goes. If this sofa arrives as promised and looks and feels great, I will have succeeded in demonstrating that the internet is the perfect shopping experience. If not, I guess we will be sitting on bean bags this winter.

Btw – here are photos of two other internet sofas which I had the sense not to purchase.

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