Monday, September 12, 2005

he’s had a very rough term …

I found myself outside of a conversation regarding hurricane Katrina and the government’s response. “You see” said a co-worker “the president couldn’t do anything because the governor did not ask. She should have asked then the situation would have been different.”

Are you kidding me? Do people actually believe that the President of the United States of America does not have the authority to command troops without the consent of local government????? While I understand that there is protocol, and that there were discussions between the President and Governor – an emergency is an emergency!

The responding comment from another co-worker was “yea, the President has had a really rough term and none of it has been his fault.” PEOPLE!!!!! Did you see Brown’s resume, have you heard about Homeland Security, do you know where the reserve troops are???? Let me help you out, there ain’t nobody home!!!! Our troops are fighting a war with questionable support while we literally kill each other back here. I overheard a man in the Detroit Airport put it best when he asked “what are they going to do next, send in the boy scouts?”

So, I am sorry if the President had to cut short his five week vacation. I am sorry that he doesn’t bother himself with watching the news or reading the paper, and therefore did not understand the magnitude of the catastrophe which had struck. I am sorry that cronyism resulted in Brown being put in charge of FEMA. And, I am sorry that Katrina hit during a time in which our resources and intention toward domestic issues is at an all time low. But let’s be honest – the President has not had a very rough term – he is failing in his job and as anyone who has ever had a job knows – when you are not performing, it is a bad day at the office.

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